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Bravo - 7th of Month (DD Week 2)

Delta - 21st of Month (DD Week 4)

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ASAP - handy if close to end of month

->Quick DD stopping after one payment

Charlie - 14th of Month (DD Week 3)

Little Debits provides affordable direct debits at £1 each, gives 10% of all profits to charity, and sends a monthly newsletter on Smart Personal Finance. 

To get up and running, simply:

1. Set up each direct debit for £1 from the dates of the month shown

2. Choose the ASAP option if you are at the end of the month and need the fastest possible DD

3. Sign up for the monthly newsletter

​Remember you can cancel any time through your online banking or bank, we will never spam or call you and no personal data is shared with any third parties.

Select direct debits at £1 each 

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Supported charities

At Little Debits we support high impact charities vetted by TheLifeYouCanSave.org, with 10% of any and all profits going to these wonderful organisations.

By only supporting evidence backed, trusted charities we hope to make a bigger difference and help the most people with each penny. By supporting our service you can do the same.

Cheapest Direct Debit​ Ever


Alpha - 1st of Month (DD Week 1)